Participation Guideline

  • Participation is absolutely free
  • There is no age bar to participate in the contest. Everyone can participate.
  • Participants must like the last 10 posts of Ashok Singhal Foundation on Facebook.
  • Participants must share the post and put it in the story of Facebook and tag 5 people along with Ashok Singhal Foundation.
  • To participate in the contest follow simple steps:
    1. Mention the correct answer below the post.
    2. Participants must Like & Share Ashok Singhal Foundation Page on Facebook
    3. Participant must use the hashtag #Navdurga or #ChaitraNavratri. Also, Tag Ashok Singhal Foundation while participating in the contest.
    4. Last date of submitting entry to the contest is 14th April 2019.
    5. The winners will be announced via Facebook on April 30, 2019.

Winner Selection

  •  Winners will be randomly selected based on the right answer & following above condition.
  •  Participants must give the right answers to all the questions.
  •  Participants must share the post.

If the answers are right to all the questions then, Jury decision will be final, binding & not challengeable. No queries / question in this regards shall be entertained.


Reach more than 39,415 during contest
7,929 People Engaged during the contest
Total Post Likes Received more than 2,454
1379 Plus comments
More than 1,497 Posts Shared
Winners Gallery


Ashok Singhal Foundation holds all the right to change the contest rules, questions, prize winners, and prizes or end the contest at any point of time.

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