स्वच्छ गंगा हमरी गंगा

स्वच्छ गंगा हमरी गंगा

An awareness campaign about the importance of Holy River Ganga, the issues that it is facing and the developments so far.

To stay updated with the challenges and their updates, follow #SwachhGangaHumariGanga. To help us spread awareness about #SaveGanga and #CleanGanga, follow up with us about the campaign and participate in the #KnowYourHolyRiverGanga.

There will be discussion on:

  • Factors causing pollution in The Holy River Ganga.
  • Initiatives by the Government to clean the Holy River Ganga
  • Interesting facts about Holy River Ganga
  • Shloks/Texts from our Holy Scriptures which talk about the spiritual value of Holy River Ganga...


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There will be a weekly question on every Thursday about our Holy River Ganga for you all to check how much do you know about it – their answers will be revealed on Saturday.

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